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Meeting Your True Housing Needs and Requirements

Transparency, Time & Cost Efficiency and High Quality Leads
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Our Vision

An end to end unique journey from Properties’ Presentation, Users Matching, Transaction Support, Deal Financing & Transaction Close

Our goal is to minimise house hunting pain through a tailored, time & cost efficient Matching Service, providing High Quality Leads to increase Transaction Ratios for our Users with a Minimum Commission charged.

A matchmaking platform opting to bring together compatible stakeholders and facilitate the transaction process

Digital Real Estate

The Advantage

Discovering your ideal property matches at price equilibrium
A Ping creates financially compatible Matches through a direct transparent negotiation channel
The Algorithm generates a Price pre-agreement using Price ranges both for Buy Side & Sell side benchmarked versus Actual Market Data

A disruptive, hybrid transaction process leveraging Buyers's purchasing power
Making ownership possible for everyone through a win-win proposition

Investment Report

Property features and price evaluation

Benchmarked versus market transaction record

New Transaction Applications & Products

Our tailored innovative solutions

L2B - Lease to Buy
SLO - Sale & Lease Out
SLB - Sale & Lease Back

Investment tool

Data Analytics

User data & preferences, matches, and transaction data become an analytics tool to provide predictive and suggestive opportunities in new markets.

Our Founding Team

Team of Experts

Athanasios Rebelos

COO (Co Founder)

S&O, Creative, Digital & Marketing Hybrid

A dynamic, creative and innovative business leader, with a passion for conceiving and building solutions to advertising and technology, always seeking for opportunities and advantages that create leverage. BSc in Computer Science MSc in Information Systems (AUEB)

Tassos Bertsos

General Manager (Co Founder)

Business Development & Finance Operations

An experienced finance professional with a wide and diversified project portfolio, specialising in Corporate Finance, Project Finance, Hospitality & Real Estate, Banking Energy and Automotive Strategy. BSc in Business Management MSc in Finance Investment & Risk Management (Kent University)

Why Hausping ?

Not a typical Real Estate Broker.

We envisage to reinvent housing and address rising Market challenges by applying global best practices through the use of technology

We offer a Digital Transparent End to End journey tailored to your needs and requirements, opting to bridge the gap between Buy Side & Sell Side.

Our goal is to practically eliminate Brokerage Commissions

Our Charges

Structured Commission Pricing
- from 1% on transaction

Fixed Matching Fee (ping)
- from 2€ per compatible match